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Usage Method Of Swimming Trainer


Range of application: This product is not a life-saving device. It is suitable for 1-4 year-old babies. Please use under the adult's supervision.

1、Please check whether the inner diameter is suitable for the baby's chest circumference before use, and check whether there is air leak and whether the inflation is appropriate, it is suggested that the inner diameter should be 0.5cm bigger than baby's chest circumference, otherwise it would be too tight for baby, If it is too loose, a small soft towel can be placed on the baby's back to provide more comfort.

2、It is necessary to wear the article for baby by 2 people, firstly put baby's feet in the center of the ring and then put it up until the baby's chest, to avoid the tear and the leak, please be gentle in movement and do not do it rudely.

3、Another way is to immerse the article into the water and undo the safety buckle, hold babies' armpits from behind, put baby into the pool (provide more lubrication) and put baby's feet in the center of the ring and then put it up until the baby's chest, finally button up the secure buckle. Then finish this operation by only 1 person and also makes baby comfortable.

4、To clean the article with soft cloth soaked in water or the soft cloth soaked in 1:100 concentration of the "84" dilute disinfectant.